Are You A Peaceful Doer Leader? 

A Peaceful Doer leader is someone who has great vision and leads others with empathy and compassion

This Ebook covers the most important leadership principles every leader must learn and practice in order to create a positive change in themselves and their teams

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  • How to create a big picture vision
  • ​How to be resilient
  • ​How to be adaptable in the ever changing environment 
  • ​How to practice self-reflection
  • ​How to practice mindfulness
  • ​How to increase collaboration with your team
  • ​How to build empathy for yourself and your team.
  • ​ How to increase creativity in yourself and your team
  • ​How to build compassion for yourself and your team

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Teuta Towler is a Kosovo-American entrepreneur, life and leadership coach, inspirational speaker, and author.

With an international educational background and diverse experience spanning multiple industries, including healthcare, technology, nonprofits, publishing, and marketing, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her clients.

She firmly believes that the success or failure of any business or organization depends on effective leadership and collaboration. Focusing on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and strong communication skills, Teuta helps her clients build a roadmap to success.

Teuta believes in the power of collaboration and helping people reach their full potential. By teaching her clients how to be better listeners, increase productivity, build trust with each other, and work together toward common goals, she helps them move their businesses and lives to the next level.