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I'll start working out tomorrow
but tomorrow comes and you make up all kinds of excuses not to start

I'll not eat that extra cookie
but one more it will not hurt

I'll no drink Anymore
But the minute you feel pain you open a bottle to numb yourself or if you're in a social event you join to not feel left out

I'll stop smoking
But as soon as you crave that nicotine, you light one up

I'll not go on a date with that Jerk
but the minute he/she says I miss you, you go right back

I'll get good sleep
but it's midnight and you're scrolling through TikTok watching cat Videos

I'll stop yelling at my partner or my kids
but as soon as they don't listen to what you have to say, your loud voice comes out

I'll start working on my project
but every tomorrow is busy with something else

I'll read that book that's sitting on the table
but you never even opened it 

I'll take that course that I bought in January
but it's September and you have not even watched the first module 

I'll ask for a raise
but you're too scared to do so

I'll look for a better job
but You never updated your resume

I'll start My Business
but you Have not done anything to get started and keep wanting to learn more

I'll not spend money on things I don't need
But the minute you see something cute, you pull out your credit card and then later feel guilty about it 

Someone Asks You For something or to Hangout with you And you Know you shouldn't 
But you can't say no and hardly ever stick to your boundaries

You have negative thoughts about yourself 

You Don't Trust Anyone And Stay Alone

You Don't Know Your Life Purpose

Deep Down You believe that you Don't Deserve A Better Life, A better partner, A Better Job...

What Does Life Coaching Do For You

Create habits and discipline to achieve your desired goals 

Establish daily routines and tasks that align with your strategic goals 

Feel empowered to take actions

Broaden your perspective and reflection in a safe space

Have an accountability partner so you stay focused on your goals

Tools and strategies that help overcome different emotions as they arise

Embrace the journey of personal and professional development 

Feel joy and happiness

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Why Hire Teuta Towler

All coaching sessions in person or online are confidential.

Teuta is certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

She has a track record of helping her clients change unnhealthy habits, increase their confidence, find true purpose, improve relationships, change careers, start businesses, and reach short and long term goals. 

She is passioned about helping clients transition from where they are to where they want to be in life so they can live a fullfilling life. 

Her life experience of seven different careers, starting four businesses and a non-profit as well as her diverse educational background has equipt her with the technique, skills and wisdom to guide her clients to success. 

The most important part is that Teuta really cares about people and thrives to bring out the best in everyone she encounters with. She trully beleive that when we work on ourseles and show up as the best version of ourselves, everyone around us benefits. 

Her clients are The Peaceful Doers! 

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