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Group Coaching 


Map Out Your Life Plans For The Next 10-15 Years

Ideal For Business Owners, Leaders, Rising Leaders, and forward thinkers who are ready to take actions and plan their next phase in life.

 Long - Term Goal Coaching Is For You If:  

- You want to take charge of your life and want to know what to do for the next 10-15 years.

- You have some ideas but are not sure how to go about them long term or if they are good ideas. 

- You achieved success but no longer feel excited.  

- Comfort zone is boring and you're ready for the next challenge. 

- You focus on the business, career or money but may overlook your health, relationships or spirituality.  

- You're not afraid to take actions for what you want. 

- You're willing to test your goals and dreams to see how it affects different areas of your life.

- You fear that your choices may hurt your loved ones.  

- You fear future failure or success.

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How Does Long - Term Goal Coaching Work? 

- All one on one coaching sessions are confidential.

- Coaching sessions are done live on zoom unless agreed to meet in person.

- Indiviualized coaching tailored to your individual

- Coaching sessions are held biweekly for 90 minutes

- Duration of the coaching can be anywhere from​ 6 to 18 months depending on client's needs.

- Investment amount depends on your needs and duration of your coaching.

Schedule A Free 30 Min Call to See If We're A Good Fit To Work Together 

Meet Coach Teuta 

Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Teuta (Pronounced “Teh-oo-ta”) Towler
and I am cetified Maxwell Leadershio coach, speaker and trainer.

I'm super passioned about helping people just like you go to the next level, reach your full potential and live a happy - fullfilling life.

I have over two decades of international experience in business and nonprofit, coaching, and mentoring.

I have a long list of painful failures and tough life lessons that equipt me with skills and wisdom to guide my clients to success.

It would be an honor and great joy for me to be a part of your growth journey.

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