About Teuta (Pronounced “Teh-oo-ta”) Towler 

"The Hardest Person To Get To Know Is Yourself!" Teuta Towler

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Teuta is a Kosovo - American entrepreneur, coach, speaker and author. She has twenty years of leadership experience in business and nonprofit organizations, ranging from small businesses to national and international nonprofit organizations.

She is the founder of two businesses in the US. Two businesses in Kosovo and a women’s nonprofit organization in Kosovo.

She is an author of an Albanian crime novel, Murders and Makeup, a non fiction, The Peaceful Doer Leader: Ten Essential Principles for Creating Positive Change in Yourself And Your Team.

Teuta is driven by the desire to empower every individual she encounters with inlcuding her clients to be the best they can be,  reach their full potential and finding inner peace.

She is passionate about creating positive change related to economic and social justice while protecting the environment.

These values are the principles she lives by and are the pillars on which she built her businesses, established a nonprofit organization, and volunteers for different causes.

Teuta has changed her career six times until she discovered the love for coaching and public speaking. Each one led her to the next, equipping her with knowledge and experiences that adds value to her coaching and training clients.

They say tough times make strong people. Well, she's had plenty of tough times.

Teuta has been through the Kosovo-Serbian war where she lost family members and friends, all material possessions, a refugee in the middle of nowhere, scared and hungry and hurt. Despite witnessing horrifying violence, she never lost hope and faith in human beings. She was able to find inner peace and forgive the Serbians whove caused so much pain. After the war, she worked on building peace between Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbians in her town Mitrovica that's been ethnically and geographically devided. 

She had PTSD from the gunshots and Nato bombing but she self healed after she moved to the United States.

When she immigrated to the United States she "lost her identity" and fell into a depression. She "happily functioned" but had a "deep hole in her soul" for a decade and didn't tell anyone until one day she thought of a suicide. Alarmed by the thought, she immediately started seeking help and eventually found her old self again. That experience led her to personal development and spiritual journey.

In 2019 she found out she had a 6 cm ovarian benign tumor that was extremely painful. While waiting for the surgery she turned to self-healing using alternative medicine and mind - body practices. In six months, the tumor was gone without surgery.

She went through a divorce and is now raising two amazing teenagers who always keep her on her toes.

In her free time she likes to spend time with her kids, family and friends. She enjoys coaching, public speaking, teaching, writting, reading, meditation, workout, traveling, hiking, walks on the beach, Lating dancing, and playing djeme.

Schedule a 30 minute free discovery call to see if you and Teuta are a good fit to work together!

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